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    May 18, 2013
    5:30 - 6:01pm PDT  

amazingly the camera was not damaged. thanks for joining this is "world news." tonight powerball fever. the lines growing this evening. the biggest powerball prize ever. tonight what are your chances of winning and how many number combinations are even left? risky landing, new images tonight after sparks fly, a plane forced to touch down without its landing gear as we now hear from the paemgs on board. tornado watch. 30 million americans on alert amidst the largest tornado outbreak this season. tonight the new pictures and which states get hit next? ginger zee reporting from the storm zone. fresh off david beckham's announcement, what mrs. beckham is revealing that we've never seen before, enough to make her husband smile.
good evening. great to have you here on saturday night. we begin with that condition sweeping the nation, powerball fever spreading tonight. millions of americans and a dream. and now a record powerball jackpot. in california tonight this is their first powerball, helping to explain the line like this one in los angeles. tonight's jackpot is an estimated $600 million and the odds of winning, one in 175.2 million. because so many americans have bought tickets, 80% of all possible combinations have all been chosen. john schriffen on the fingers crossed in homes across america tonight and right here in the studio. john is in california. >> reporter: this is the sound heard around the country tonight. powerball tickets spitting out as fast as possible for the record $600 million jackpot. >> what's your strategy?
>> the quick pick and i did some birthdays, a few prayers. >> here in california this is considered the luckiest store in entire state, crowning six millionaires. that's why you see the line for powerball tickets stretching down the block. how long have you been waiting on this line? >> about an hour and a half but it feels like forever. >> is it worth it? >> i hope so. >> reporter: with all the excitement comes plenty of security. here inside the vault in florida where the numbers will be drawn tonight officials are taking no chances, making sure the lottery scandal of 1980 when the balls were weighted with led paint to fall in a specific order doesn't happen again. if no one wins tonight the next jackpot would be close to a billion dollars leaving lottery officials with an issue. >> that's really a problem for us because most of the signs out there go to 999. >> reporter: if that does
happen, blue bird liquors here says it will happily hand write a sign for a billion dollars. that's possible. lottery officials say only 20% of the possible combinations still have not been purchased. david? >> unreal. they're running out of digits. john, thank you. we move on now and this evening we're hearing what it was like for passengers on board that plane making an emergency landing on its belly, no landing gear. you can see the pilot bringing the plane down, the sparks as it hits ground, the flashing lights, the waiting fire trucks. that plane spent much of the day sitting right there on the tarmac as investigators explore what happened. and they applaud the pilot for getting that plane down safely. lisa stark on the drama as it unfolded overnight. >> reporter: dramatic emergency landing at 1:00 in the morning at newark national airport, the turbo prop on its belly and sparks flying as the metal scraped the runway. >> the worst was the skidding
because you heard everything and you felt the skidding. >> reporter: when the flight came to a stop fire crews immediately sprayed the plane and runway with foam to ensure there was no fire seen here in photos obtained by abc news. 31 passengers on board and three crew, everyone got off safely include this college student. he says the pilot warned passengers to brace themselves, to get ready for an emergency landing. >> i was just scared as to what could have happened while we hit the ground. >> reporter: before touching down, the crews circled the airport as controllers in the tower and the pilots tried unsuccessfully to trouble shoot the problem. abc news has learned the left main landing gear would not go down. so the captain decided to bring all the gear up and attempt the belly landing. >> i ran off right away and i called my mom and let her know i was safe. >> reporter: the ntsb has the
blax black boxes from the plane and is investigating. usairways believes this was a mechanical issue isolated to this particular plane and wasn't part of a wider problem. pilots tell us they train for these white knuckle landings and in this case that training certainly paid off. >> it certainly did. lisa, thank you. to the other major investigation under way after a train went off the rails and then hit another. it happened at the height of rush hour on one of the nation's busiest routes from grand central station to boston. marcie gonzalez tonight on the critical injuries and the relief that the outcome wasn't far worse. >> reporter: 24 hours after two commuter trains packed with passengers collided in connecticut, the twisted wreckage remains. our cameras the only one there as ntsb investigators took a first look saying it could be weeks before they know why this happened. >> we will not be determining
the probable cause of the accident while we're on the scene nor will we speculate on what may have caused the accident. >> reporter: this crash would have been much worse. it was the height of the friday evening rush when a metro north train left new york city passing near bridgeport, connecticut when it somehow derailed. it sent cars directly into the path of an on coming train on the adjacent tracks. >> one of those jolts that sent people flying. >> reporter: of the 700 people on board those trains, 70 were hurt. senator blumenthal says that number would likely be higher if not for the new rail cars put in operation two years ago. >> perhaps injuries were avoided because these were better cars. >> reporter: tonight eight people remain in the hospital, three in critical condition. we're told it could be days before these trains are finally moved which would mean headaches for thousands of commuters in the northeast as they try to make their way to work on monday morning. >> thank you. now to the weather and 30 million americans are bracing
for possible twisters tonight. new pictures of this twister in texas, up close, the tail splitting off and drifting to the ground. tonight many more are brewing. ginger zee reporting from the storm zone now. >> look at that! >> reporter: unbelievable and only the beginning. tornados twisting across texas skies leaving devastating damage. this could be the biggest severe weather outbreak this year. look at these striking images from northern alabama today, more than 8 inches of driving rain has fallen so far leaving crumbled flooded roads across the state after a tornado ripped through limestone county, alabama. there was this tornado in texas. it was one of ten reported yesterday, only about 90 miles west of that devastation in granbury from earlier this week where people are just now returning to what is left of their home.
after that ef 4 tornado winds over 200 miles per hour sliced through their town killing six. >> reporter: the atmosphere is primed. look at this map. tonight there is a threat anywhere from western oklahoma up through kansas and nebraska. look at that large hail, damaging wind and tornado threat that goes from minnesota to texas. it's not just tonight. it goes tomorrow and monday, too. laser focused on tomorrow for big cities like oklahoma city, wichita, tulsa and kansas city. back to you, david. >> you will be right there through "gma" in the morning. from cleveland this morning for the first time we're hearing from the officers who rescued the women locked up in that home for a decade. linzie janis reports tonight one of the young women jumping into the arms of an officer saying, please don't let me go. >> reporter: the first police officers on the scene now describing the emotional chain of events at that cleveland house.
>> we see this girl. she's like raising her hand, holding a child. my partner looked at me and he's like, it's her. >> reporter: it was amanda berry, missing for more than a decade. >> i just asked her is there anybody else in the house? she goes, yes, gina dejesus and another girl. i was like, what? >> reporter: the officers describe entering the home that had been a prison. >> as we were going up the steps it was so quiet, like peaceful and then you hear this scuffling. it was michelle. within moments she came charging at me and she jumped onto me and was like, you saved us, you saved us. i'm holding onto her so tight. >> when he put her down she jumped up into my arms and held onto me and screamed please don't let me go, please don't let me go. i said honey, don't worry. i'm not letting you go.
>> within a few seconds i see another girl come out of the bedroom. i just looked at her. you can immediately tell who it is, just thinner. i asked her what's your name? she said my name is gina dejesus. that's when i broadcasted, we found them. >> reporter: the officers say they still think about that day over and over and they can't imagine what the girls went through. they say the three women are the true heros of this story. >> jumping into the arms of the officer, thank you. overseas tonight and to north korea sparking new tensions, the north lobbing three short range missiles off the east coast today. they fell harmlessly into the sea. the u.s. aircraft arrives in the region for a new round of naval exercises. the carrier doing exercises with south korea. from syria a rare interview with the president using his conversation with a reporter from argentina to warn the u.s.
and russia not to try to hold talks to end syria's civil war vowing he would never step down. to a very rare moment, not seen in a decade. athletes from iran coming to new york city to compete. we were told the iranians had been invited to the u.s. but no one could tell us if both governments would allow it to happen. >> reporter: our recent trip to iran and that rare access to the streets. you might remember we were there when we heard of something extraordinarily rare, iran and america sharing the same stage. after several requests we were allowed in. at first not all of us. the guard telling us our female producer couldn't go in. >> she can not come? >> no. >> we kept asking and they finally allowed her in, one of the only women in this entire arena where americans wrestlers were invited to share the same stage as the iranians. in the corner jordan burrows.
he tried in nebraska for the olympics. he beat iran for the gold. even still when his name was called there -- chanting his name. soon after, the iranian president waving to the crowd watching the iranians and the americans on the map. the nod from the president when he notices our crew from america. at the time we had been told these wrestlers from iran had been invited to come here. this week they came to new york's grand central station, the first appearance by the iranian wrestling team in a decade. as the iranian coach celebrates a victory in that moment, the american coach marking a diplomatic triumph. >> any time you can use wrestling as the bridge to bring countries like iran and the u.s. together, it's great. >> reporter: that american wrestler jordan was right there. >> it's a mutual respect between us and iranian wrestlers. >> reporter: his message
reminding us of a photo and a tweet he sent out asking who says iran and america don't get along? >> reporter: that team now heading home, their trip shorter than expected. the iranians beat the americans in new york and were to compete again in l.a. the trip cut short, some speculating it was pressure back home behind their early return proving diplomacy even on the map comes with mystery. >> much more ahead. who is stealing the office supplies. tonight it's not just the post it notes or the pens. the office workers who made $1.5 million off of what he stole. where did he go? >> cancun, ba ham maz. i was there. later this evening, just when you thought you had seen it all or nearly all of beckhams, david beckham's wife showing something we haven't seen.
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if he ordered extra printer toner on the hospital's bill, he would buy it from him at the loading dock, handing gums bags of cash. >> he called me back with the money in a potato chip bag. >> reporter: believe it or not this is so lucrative it's called black gold. one of these can cost hundreds of dollars. middle men resell the stole entoner at cut rate prices often online. in two and a half years he stole and resold $1.5 million worth of printer toner costing companies staggering amount, over $50 billion a year. soomg of so many of you tweeted after watching our story on 20/20. another wrote who knew printer toner was such a hot commodity. in washington state this employee was caught an camera using a forklift, making off with over half a million dollars of printer toner. gums used his profits to buy fancy cars and go on trips.
>> the bahamas, miami, you name it i was there. >> reporter: he was eventually arrested and convicted of grand larceny. he's out on parole after 18 months behind bars. >> who was disappointed most in you? >> my mom, because she didn't bring me up like this. >> reporter: so why do people take things from work? one psychotherapist told us perhaps it's seen as a way to get back at the boss, especially for low wages. so as we start up a new work week, perhaps a lot of people may be considering not taking that highlighter from the office. >> remember mom, he said his mom was not happy with him. when we come back tonight bidding farewell to a golfing great. this in tonight. michelle obama on her husband's failures. what she said that had the crowd howling right after the break. k. ffness... accomplishing even little things can become major victories. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis,
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he spent 40 years in the booth announcing for cbs. he died just days after being inducted into the world golf hall of fame. to prom season, one prom heating up with a dream date from the miami heat. this high school senior posted a video on youtube inviting dwayne wade to be her prom date. she never heard anything. he surprised her bearing roses, upstaging her real date. wade was dancing with her and he went on to post images on instagram. another high school moment to remember making headlines this evening. michelle obama speaking to graduating seniors, the first lady saying to achieve success, be ready to fail. >> oprah was demoted from her first job as a news anchor. now she doesn't even need a last name. then there's this guy barack obama who lost -- i could take about whole afternoon talking
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finally tonight here, when cracking a smile, even a hint of one, makes headlines, this weekend david beckham is playing his final professional game but it's the tweet and the photo from his wife that is getting a lot of attention. she famously pouts in every photo but is her husband's retirement finally giving her something to smile about? >> reporter: it's posh and becks, the sizzling duo, does celebrity get any sexier or more successful than this? he david beckham, the world's most famous soccer player, she victoria, former spice girl. >> his hair, suits, wife. >> reporter: theirs are the faces and bodies that have sold billions and made them many millions. but look at her face. there's a reason they call her pouty posh. she never smiles. there they were at the royal
wedding in 2011. poker faced posh looking like she was heading to the dentist. today as her husband played his last soccer game and heads into retirement she finally did it tweeting this picture. is there a hint of a smile there? that look, we've seen it before, oh, yes, on the mona lisa. could that smile mean that she's happy that her husband will finally be home a little more often? abc news, london. >> we thought we would end with a pout there. "good morning america" this week first thing in the morning. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here at abc news thanks for watching this weekend. we hope you're having a great weekend. we'll see you tomorrow. this is "world news." ow.
next, the security scare at the amgen tour california moves through the bay area. a mangled mess. how a chp officer walked our our-away from this wreck. >> much he powerball jackpot could grow. a scare along the tour california race while part of downtown evacuated after a suspicious package discovered? livermore. it happened during the seventh stage of the amgen tour of california today in livermore. nick smith is there live tonight with the latest. reporter: you can see the
workers are starting to clear out and finish up the last pieces of stage seven but it was here the racers had left when a work at this salon found a suspicious package in the dumpster and immediately notified police. the bomb scwawd was called after law enforcement officials determined a package found in a dumpster was suspicious. in less than handhour police were able to confirm it was a package of post cards wrapped and stuffed in a box and then tossed in a dumpster by a vendor. >> it was very suspicious looking. cardboard box, bound up with a southern california label on it, and we know it wasn't there in the morning and was placed there sometime during the amgen, and we had to talk precautions. reporter: more than half the vendors and